Radical Acceptance and Easing Into Our Circumstances

As a woman, I find myself wondering whether the feminist movement has entirely freed us or has our freedom evolved into another way we have found to be hard on ourselves about our limitations? This question may resonate most strongly for women who have committed to their profession at the expense of having kids, women who have chosen to dedicate...[ read more ]

The Logic Behind Which Type of Therapy is Chosen

When people from outside the professional world of psychology think about therapy, the general thought is usually simple: go get help from a licensed practitioner. “Not much more to it.” However, the reality is that there are a multitude of various treatment modalities available to psychologists – CBT, DBT, IPT, Psychoanalysis, Humanistic Therapy, etc. “Woah, slow down! CBT? DBT? I’ve...[ read more ]

An Overview of My Fees & Insurance Outlook and Policy

So you’ve finally taken the right steps to bettering yourself by seeking therapy. Now that you’re in the hunt, you realize that unfortunately, therapy is not cheap. Luckily for you, some therapists do accept insurance, though not many. As an overall rule, I believe that everyone should have access to high quality and affordable therapy. As such, I do accept...[ read more ]

How to Know if Your Adolescent child Needs a Therapist

Adolescence is a stressful time for both parents and adolescents themselves. Adolescents’ today face pressures from many different angles. Academic expectations have increased. The standards set by parents, schools, and universities are much higher than they were a decade ago. This along with the constant social pressure placed on them by social media has made this phase of life increasingly...[ read more ]